Sabtu, 11 Oktober 2008

Some Info About PPJ


Perbadanan Putrajaya was established under the Perbadanan Putrajaya Act 536, 1995 for the purpose of managing and administering Federal Territory of Putrajaya. Perbadanan Putrajaya is also entrusted with the functions of a local authority and local planning authority by various orders and notifications under the Local Government Act.


(As stipulated in Section 4 of the Perbadanan Putrajaya Act)

¤ To perform all functions of a local government in Federal Territory of Putrajaya
¤ To promote, stimulate, facilitate and undertake commercial, infrastructure and residential development in the area
¤ To promote, stimulate and undertake economic and social development in the area
¤ To control and co-ordinate the performance of the above activities in the area


¤ Putrajaya will be a well-managed, vibrant and prosperous Federal Administrative Capital, that fulfils the socio-economic, recreational and spiritual needs of (its) residents, workers and visitors


The PPJ core purpose is to plan, manage and develop the federal administrative capital in an effective and efficient manner.

PPJ are also endeavour to play a leading role in making Putrajaya's vision of becoming a well-managed, vibrant and prosperous city a reality by:-

¤ Formulating the right policies and framework for development.

¤ Developing constructive engagement and alliances with all stakeholders and partners.
¤ Building a high-performance, efficient and customer-friendly organisation.
¤ Providing world-class public amenities and facilities.
¤ Cultivating a conducive environment for thriving commercial activities.
¤ Practising a high degree of good governance and integrity.

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